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Academic Enrichment

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Through working with the children at Woodstream Christian Academy (WCA), Project Redemptive Love’s (PRL) staff has discovered that students learn best in a concerned, positive, and encouraging atmosphere that fosters self-esteem, self-respect, respect for others, and confidence.   The success of this learning environment is evident in the test scores.  The children involved in aftercare at WCA scored a minimum of one grade level above the actual grade level on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10), which measures comprehension skills in the areas of math and reading.  PRL students are integrated into the current program, but with a stronger emphasis on math and reading. 

The subject areas are reading, math, writing, technology education, art, dance, and character education for first through sixth grades.  Limited services are available at this time for students with disabilities and those students who are ESOL students (English as second language).  The program runs from September through May during the school year, as well as a ten week program in the summer.

Sessions also focus on social skills that incorporate behavior modification, journal writing, life skills, and role play exercises.  The life skills training includes: budgeting, cooking, sewing, and customer service skills.  In addition, the students participate in recreational activities that include team building and leadership activities.