Project Redemptive Love (PRL) is a non-profit, faith based organization established by Woodstream Church and Woodstream Christian Academy (WCA) that aims to assimilate at-risk families into a nurturing culture that restores hope, self-worth, character and life skills necessary to be functional families, contributors to society and good citizens.  One major component of this assimilation process is education.

PRL offers families the opportunity for their children to participate in a free after-school tutoring and academic enrichment program that also provides free transportation and snacks.  The purpose of the after-school tutoring program is not only to increase academic achievement in reading, language arts, and math, but also to enable the students to attain proficiency in meeting established federal and local standards.   The program is currently serving 1st – 6th graders on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 3:30-6:00 p.m.  It is the desire of PRL to expand our services to 12th grade students by the spring of 2007.

  About PRL
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Through working with the children at Woodstream Christian Academy (WCA), Project Redemptive Love’s (PRL) staff has discovered that students learn best in a concerned, positive, and encouraging atmosphere that fosters self-esteem, self-respect, respect for others, and confidence.

  Academic Enrichment

Read more about our Academic Enrichment programPRL students are integrated into a program with a stronger emphasis on math and reading. The subject areas are reading, math, writing, technology education, art, dance, and character education for first through sixth grades.

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We solicit the support of our community and friends as donors for they enable Project Redemptive Love to accomplish its mission as a non-profit, faith-based organization that assimilates at-risk families into a nurturing culture that restores hope, self-worth, character, and life skills necessary to become functional families, contributors to society, and good citizens. The donors’ support keeps Project Redemptive Love operating and allows our programs to expand. As Project Redemptive Love succeeds, so do the families in our community.


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PRL targets at-risk students and families in the surrounding Prince George’s County communities of Landover, Capitol Heights, Bladensburg, and Hyattsville.

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